Changes in User Data Privacy, How to Implement: Recommendations from Ekaterina Besedina

20 Jun 2024

It is clear that navigating through any changes, whether they pertain to technology or legal aspects, can present challenges and are rarely straightforward.  Ekaterina Besedina, the Data & Measurement Lead-Expert, has vast experience in adapting to the new demands regarding user data privacy.

Ekaterina is currently working on a project focusing on user privacy and feels passionate about it. She is really engrossed in her latest project. Ekaterina details that it all stemmed from the changing dynamics within digital advertising, especially with the recent rollout of user privacy initiatives by Apple and different regulatory shifts worldwide. These developments have paved the way for new advertising methods. It became apparent that a fresh approach was essential to adapt to this evolving landscape, and she is deeply involved in this process.

No doubt user data privacy has become a serious issue these days. Ekaterina states that there are two main challenges to tackle when it comes to iOS advertisers. The first one involved adapting to and abiding by Apple's newly implemented privacy regulations. The second challenge was finding innovative strategies to navigate this uncharted territory while ensuring that their advertising efforts remained effective.

Realizing the critical nature of the situation, Ekaterina delved into researching the consequences of these shifts and pinpointed the pressing necessity for advertisers to embrace the burgeoning iOS technology, SKAdNetwork. By employing this technology, advertisers can continue to gain insightful data on campaign effectiveness while upholding user privacy.

So, this is how her project idea took shape - to create a robust framework mandating iOS advertisers to integrate SKAdNetwork into their strategies. This approach aims to ensure adherence to privacy regulations while maximizing advertising impact. By working closely with industry specialists and emphasizing forward-thinking, my project seeks to empower advertisers with the necessary resources to excel in this evolving digital advertising landscape.

Surely, Ekaterina had questionable situations when introducing this project. One major hurdle she faced was the initial hesitancy and bewilderment among advertisers when confronted with the need to adjust to the new landscape of user privacy. It's natural that the sudden change in regulations and the requirement to revamp long-held advertising methods left many in a state of confusion and doubt.

To overcome this pushback, she had to draw upon my technical knowledge, patience, and empathy. She dedicated a significant amount of time to enlightening advertisers about the significance of putting user privacy at the forefront and the essentiality of adopting new measurement methods to stay ahead of the competition.

She had to promote open discussions, offer concise direction, and showcase the advantages of adjusting to the evolving environment. By directly addressing concerns and presenting tangible solutions, She managed to shift viewpoints gradually, fostering a smoother transition towards privacy-focused advertising methods.

Ekaterina made some serious moves in measurement strategy that connects SKAdNetwork conversions with modeled conversions. Understanding the constraints of depending only on one approach, she spotted a chance to devise a more inclusive solution that gives advertisers a full picture of campaign effectiveness while honoring user privacy.

By merging SKAdNetwork data with modeled conversions, she’s led the way in developing a technique that empowers advertisers to gain crucial insights into campaign performance while protecting user privacy. This method not only ensures adherence to changing regulations but also equips advertisers to make informed choices that lead to successful outcomes.

By constantly testing and coming up with new ideas, she has shown that finding the right mix of privacy and performance in the online advertising realm is achievable. This sets the stage for a future that's not just sustainable but also rooted in ethics.

Speaking about her role as the data and measurement lead in the organization, Ekaterina explains that she does her best to spearhead cutting-edge strategies that tackle the constantly shifting terrain of privacy regulations and technological advancements in the advertising sector. Her key features stem from my adeptness in maneuvering through these intricate obstacles, all the while safeguarding the efficiency and adherence to our advertising methodologies.

At the same time, Ekaterina represents the #IamRemarkable initiative and serves as an ambassador for this organization. Ekaterina really finds this project very inspiring. She states that originally established at Google in 2016, the I Am Remarkable movement has since grown beyond Google's boundaries. Rmrkblty, a non-profit organization, was founded in August 2023 by Anna Wiener, the visionary behind the #IAmRemarkable program's inception at Google. Rmrkblty's core mission is to empower individuals to reach their fullest potential. The #IAmRemarkable program, the flagship offering of Rmrkblty, aims to boost self-confidence and self-promotion skills. She has led over 20 workshops for this program, catering to internal colleagues, external partners, and participants at International Women Techmakers conferences across various cities in Russia. To date, Ekaterina has successfully trained over 250 individuals through these workshops.

Ekaterina notices that in our fast-changing world, people are still reluctant to make any shifts. She is sure that in order to be successful, it is better to welcome change with open arms instead of pushing back against it. By staying informed, staying adaptable, and actively searching for creative solutions, Ekaterina is sure that by following these approaches, she can effectively handle any obstacles and come out on the other side stronger and more resilient than ever.