To Manufacturers of Knitted Goods

29 Dec 2023

The Circular Stocking Frame, from 2 in. to 5½ in. diameter. These circular frames, with my last improvements, are as near perfection as possible.


The value of the Scientific American as an advertising medium cannot be over-estimated

28 Dec 2023

Engravings may head advertisements at the same rate per line, by measurement, as the letter-press.


David A. Woodward, Baltimore, Md. Letters Patent No. 16,700, dated February 24, 1857

27 Dec 2023

The Scientific American will be delivered in every part of the city at $3.50 a year.


Edgar Huson, Ithaca, N. Y. Letters Patent No. 16,648, dated February 17, 1857; reissue No. 2,500

26 Dec 2023

Seeding Machine.—Lewis B. Myers and Henry A. Myers, Elmore, Ohio. Letters Patent No. 16,772, dated March 3, 1857.


Picture Frame.—John H. Bellamy, Charlestown, Mass

24 Dec 2023

4,699.—Back of a Chair or Sofa.—George Unverzagt, Philadelphia, Pa.


—Treating Fruits to Dry, Saccharify, and Preserve Them

23 Dec 2023

4,294.—Apparatus for Pitching Barrels.—Louis Schulze, Baltimore, Md. Patent No. 106,964, dated August 30, 1870.


Official lists of patents

22 Dec 2023

Full information, as to price of drawings, in each case, may be had by addressing


Inventions Patented in England by Americans

21 Dec 2023

388.—Iron Rails and Bars, and Modes of Manufacturing the same.—Eldridge Wheeler, Philadelphia, Pa. February 15, 1871.


We present herewith a series of inquiries embracing a variety of topics of greater or less

20 Dec 2023

The metal used was lead and antimony, seven to one.