Official lists of patents

22 Dec 2023

Scientific American, Volume XXIV., No. 12, March 18, 1871 by Various, is part of the HackerNoon Books Series. You can jump to any chapter in this book here. Official lists of patents

Official lists of patents



Reported Officially for the Scientific American.


On each Caveat


On each Trade-Mark


On filing each application for a Patent, (seventeen years)


On issuing each original Patent


On appeal to Examiners-in-Chief


On appeal to Commissioner of Patents


On application for Reissue


On application for Extension of Patent


On granting the Extension


On filing a Disclaimer


On an application for Design (three and a half years)


On an application for Design (seven years)


On an application for Design (fourteen years)


For Copy of Claim of any Patent issued within 30 years


A sketch from the model or drawing, relating to such portion of a machine as the Claim covers, from
upward, but usually at the price above-named.


The full Specification of any patent issued since Nov. 20, 1866 at which time the Patent Office commenced printing them


Official Copies of Drawings of any patent issued since 1836, we can supply at a reasonable cost, the price depending upon the amount of labor involved and the number of views.

Full information, as to price of drawings, in each case, may be had by addressing


Patent Solicitors, 37 Park Row, New York.

112,309.—Hose Sprinkler.—William Anderson, San Francisco, Cal.

112,310.—Locomotive Spark Arrester.—J. G. Armstrong, New Brunswick, N. J.

112,311.—Tool for Carriage Makers' Use.—George Atkinson, San Francisco, Cal.

112,312.—Potato Probe.—John A. Beal, Waterford, N. Y.

112,313.—Hinge for Carriage Doors.—George W. Beers, Bridgeport, Conn.

112,314.—Stove Leg.—James Birckhead, Jr., Baltimore, Md.

112,315.—Clothes Pin.—Orris A. Bishop, Chicago, Ill.

112,316.—Manufacture of Rochelle Salts and Borax.—V. G. Bloede, Brooklyn, N. Y.

112,317.—Beehive.—Felix Brewer, Waynesville, Mo.

112,318.—Thill Coupling.—Theodore Burr (assignor to Allen Muir and Henry Muir), Battle Creek, Mich.

112,319.—Evaporating Pan for Saccharine Liquids.—F. C. Butler, Bellows Falls, Vt., assignor to himself and James B. Williams, Glastonbury, Conn.

112,320.—Door Securer.—William H. Caldwell, Wheeling, W. Va.

112,321.—Toe-calk Bar.—R. B. Caswell, Springfield, Mass. Antedated March 2, 1871.

112,322.—Glass Flattening Furnace and Leer.—James Clabby, Lenox, Mass.

112,323.—Spring Bed Bottom.—Alex. Cole, Manamuskin, N. J.

112,324.—Water Wheel.—E. E. Coleman, West Cummington, Mass.

112,325.—Toy Horse and Carriage.—John B. Cuzner, Bridgeport, Conn.

112,326.—Mackerel-line Holder.—E. L. Decker, Southport, Me.

112,327.—Sewing Machine.—J. William Dufour, Stratford, Conn.

112,328.—Steam Boiler.—Edwards Evans, North Tonawanda, N. Y.

112,329.—Medical Compound for Cure of Catarrh and Asthma.—Erastus Field, Ostrander, Ohio.

112,330.—Machine for Grinding the Cutters of Mowers, etc.—H. C. Fisk, Wellsville, N. Y.

112,331.—Machine for Making Hooks and Eyes.—Jeremy T. Ford, San Francisco, Cal.

112,332.—Churn.—Thompson Freeman, Westfield, Ill.

112,333.—Attachment for Revolving Mold Boards for Plows.—J. S. Godfrey, Leslie, Mich., assignor to himself and S. M. Loveridge, Pittsburgh, Pa.

112,334.—Grain Cleaner and Fertilizer Sifter.—J. A. Green, Mill Dale, Va.

112,335.—Screw Propulsion.—E. C. Gregg (assignor to A. H. Gregg and C. P. Gregg), Trumansburg, N. Y.

112,336.—Seeding Machine.—P. M. Gundlach, Belleville, Ill.

112,337.—Compound for Kindling Fires.—J. L. Hannum and S. H. Stebbins, Berea, Ohio.

112,338.—Lawn Mower.—Benjamin Harnish, Lancaster, and D. H. Harnish, Pequea, Pa.

112,339.—Composition for Pavements.—C. B. Harris, New York city. Antedated February 25, 1870.

112,340.—Spring for Vehicles.—John R. Hiller, Woodland, Cal.

112,341.—Harvester Rake.—S. T. Holly, (assignor to John P. Manny), Rockford, Ill.

112,342.—Door Clamp.—Henry O. Hooper, Diamond Springs, Cal.

112,343.—Taper Holder.—Thomas W. Houchin, Morrisania, N. Y.

112,344.—Metallic Garter.—Henry A. House, Bridgeport, Conn.

112,345.—Bobbin Winder.—Henry A. House, Bridgeport, Conn.

112,346.—Method of Knitting Stockings, etc.—Henry A. House, Bridgeport, Conn.

112,347.—Apparatus for Evaporating and concentrating Liquids.—John Howarth, Salem, Mass. Antedated March 1, 1871.

112,348.—Apparatus for Evaporating and Concentrating Liquids.—John Howarth, Salem, Mass. Antedated March 1, 1871.

112,349.—Apparatus for Removing Oil from Vegetable and other Matters.—Elias S. Hutchinson, Baltimore, Md.

112,350.—Apparatus and Process for Removing Oil from Grain, Seeds, etc.—Elias S. Hutchinson, Baltimore, Md.

112,351.—Chandelier.—Charles F. Jacobsen, New York city.

112,352.—Culinary Vessel.—Carrie Jessup, New Haven, Conn.

112,353.—Machine for Cutting Leather.—Aberdeen Keith, North Bridgewater, Mass.

112,354.—Attaching Knobs to their Spindles.—John F. Keller and Nathaniel Sehner, Hagerstown, Md.

112,355.—Miter Machine.—T. E. King, Boston, Mass.

112,356.—Take-up for Corset Looms.—Julius Kuttner, New York city.

112,357.—Elevator and Carrier.—T. W. Lackore, Worth, Ill.

112,358.—Apparatus for Burning Hydrocarbon Oils.—James R. Lee, Grass Valley, Cal.

112,359.—Burglar Alarm.—Robert Lee, Cincinnati, Ohio.

112,360.—Telegraph Apparatus.—L. T. Lindsey, Jackson, Tenn.

112,361.—Harvester.—J. P. Manny, Rockford, Ill.

112,362.—Harvester.—J. P. Manny, Rockford, Ill.

112,363.—Harvester Rake.—J. P. Manny, Rockford, Ill.

112,364.—Cheese Curd Sink.—H. C. Markham, Collinsville, N. Y.

112,365.—Mowing Machine.—H. C. Markham and Dewitt C. Markham, Collinsville, N. Y.

112,366.—Propeller.—Alex. J. Marshall, Warrenton, Va. Antedated March 3, 1871.

112,367.—Oiler.—Edward McDuff and E. D. Forrow, Warwick, R. I.

112,368.—Wash Boiler.—John McInnes, Oxford, Pa.

112,369.—Propelling Canal Boats.—H. B. Meech, Fort Edward, N. Y. Antedated February 25, 1871.

112,370.—Water-proof Compound for Coating Cloth Wood, Metals, etc.—Peter E. Minor, Schenectady, N. Y.

112,371.—Cooking Stove.—W. N. Moore, Neenah, Wis.

112,372.—Boring Machine.—J. H. Pardieck (assignor to himself and S. M. Brown), Acton, Ind.

112,373.—Vapor Burner.—R. W. Park, Philadelphia, Pa.

112,374.—Machine for Pointing Blanks for Cultivator Teeth.—John Pedder and George Abel, West Pittsburgh, Pa.

112,375.—Bale Tie.—J. E. Perkins, San Francisco, Cal.

112,376.—Lining Walls with Felt, etc.—James Phillips, Chicago, Ill.

112,377.—Cooking Stove.—Samuel Pierce, Boston, Mass.

112,378.—Tack.—A. A. Porter, New Haven, Conn. Antedated Feb. 25, 1871.

112,379.—Machine for Shaping and Cutting Gear Cutters.—F. A. Pratt (assignor to the Pratt & Whitney Company), Hartford, Conn.

112,380.—Combination Camera and Developing Box.—E. C. Ratzell, Philadelphia, Pa.

112,381.—Punching Machine.—J. C. Rhodes, South Abington, Mass.

112,382.—Washing Machine.—J. W. Ricker, Chelsea, Mass.

112,383.—Curtain Fixture.—Charles Robin. Chester, Conn.

112,384.—Machine for Making Printers' Leads.—Isaac Schoenberg, New York city.

112,385.—Slide Valve for Steam Riveting Machines.—Coleman Sellers (assignor to William Sellers & Co.), Philadelphia, Pa.

112,386.—Machine for Polishing Thread.—Samuel Semple, Sr., John Semple, Samuel Semple, Jr., and R. A. Semple, Mount Holly, N. J.

112,387.—Paint Brush.—F. S. Shearer, Washington, Ill.

112,388.—Bee Hive.—S. A. Short, F. J. Short, J. B. Short, and Jasper Kile, Decatur, Ala.

112,389.—Apparatus for Removing Oil from Vegetable and other Matter.—Thomas Sim, Baltimore, Md.

112,390.—Retort for Producing Bisulphide of Carbon.—Thomas Sim, Baltimore, Md.

112,391.—Utilizing the Silky Down of the Wild Cotton. —M. H. Simpson, Boston, Mass.

112,392.—Pruning Shears.—Frank Smiley, Batavia, N. Y.

112,393.—Water-closet Valve.—A. J. Smith, San Francisco, Cal.

112,394.—Gang Plow.—J. W. Sursa, San Leandro, Cal.

112,395.—Grinding Pan and Amalgamator.—W. H. Thoss, West Point, Cal.

112,396.—Street Lantern.—Augustus Tufts, Malden, Mass.

112,397.—Cooking Stove.—Alvin Warren, Swanton, Ohio.

112,398.—Safety Bridle.—James Weatherhead, San José, Cal.

112,399.—Fire Grate.—George Wellhouse, Akron, Ohio.

112,400.—Hay Knife.—G. F. Weymouth, Dresden, Me.

112,401.—Claw Bar.—Charles Winter, Chillicothe, Ohio.

112,402.—Steam Generator.—J. C. Woodhead, Pittsburgh, Pa.

112,403.—Animal Trap.—W. D. Wrightson, Queenstown England.

112,404.—Brush.—John Ames, Lansingburg, N. Y.

112,405.—Clod Fender.—F. L. Bailey, Freeport, Ind.

112,406.—Ruler.—H. S. Ball, Spartanburg, S. C.

112,407.—Fanning Mill.—Benjamin Barney, Time, Ill.

112,408.—Ice-cutting Machine.—Lafayett Barnum (assignor to himself and A. R. Hale), Bridgeport, Conn.

112,409.—Manufacture of Ice.—T. J. Bigger, Kansas City, Mo.

112,410.—Machine for Heading Bolts and Spikes.—Reinhold Boeklen, Brooklyn, N. Y., assignor to himself and Henry Torstrick New York city. Antedated Feb. 28, 1871.

112,411.—Washing Machine.—Joseph Boswell, L. M. Boswell, Jonathan Palmer, and J. H. James (assignors to themselves and Thomas Starbuck), Wilmington, Ohio.

112,412.—Water Wheel.—E. C. Boyles, New York city.

112,413.—Cotton Press.—R. M. Brooks, Pike county, Ga.

112,414.—Paper-cutting Machine.—Samuel Brown (assignor to himself and C. R. Carver), Philadelphia, Pa.

112,415.—Governor for Direct-acting Engines.—A. S. Cameron, New York city.

112,416.—Governor for Direct-acting Engines.—A. S. Cameron, New York city.

112,417.—Butt Hinge.—J. W. Carleton (assignor to the Union Manufacturing Co.), New Britain, Conn.

112,418.—Machine for Cutting Sheet Metal.—C. R. Choate, East Saginaw, Mich.

112,419.—Bit Brace.—William Cleveland, Lawrence, Mass., assignor to himself and James Swan, Seymour, Conn.

112,420.—Steam Engine Governor.—C. A. Condé, Indianapolis, Ind.

112,421.—Carpet-cleaning Machine.—J. C. Craft (assignor to himself and Antonio Rosello), Baltimore, Md.

112,422.—Steam Regulator for Paper Dryers.—Daniel Crosby, Hampden, Me.

112 423.—Metallic Piston and Valve Rod Packing.—G. M. Cruickshank, Providence, R. I.

112,424.—Grain-thrashing and Separating Machine.—John Culham, Grand Rapids, Mich. Antedated Feb. 25, 1871.

112,425.—Cooking Stove.—David Curtis, Mishawaka, assignor to himself and C. B. Graham, South Bend, Ind.

112,426.—Lightning Rod.—S. D. Cushman, New Lisbon, Ohio.

112,427.—Hose Bridge.—Patrick Daily (assignor to himself and J. J. Kehoe), New York city.

112,428.—Cover for Openings in Sidewalks.—William Dale, New York city.

112,429.—Rotary Pump.—F. O. Deschamps, Philadelphia, Pa.

112,430.—Machine for Cutting Files.—James Dodge, Manchester, England, assignor to David Blake, Spencertown, N. Y.

112,431.—Coupling for Railway Cars.—Henry Dubs and S. G. Goodall-Copestake, Glasgow, Great Britain.

112,432.—Tobacco Pipe.—P. J. Dwyer, Elizabethport, N. J.

112,433.—Basket for House Plants.—Albert P. Eastman, Washington, D. C.

112,434.—Sulky Plow.—Milo A. Elliott, Stratford Hollow, N. H.

112,435.—Stretcher for Paintings.—James Fairman, New York city.

112,436.—Body Lantern Holder.—Samuel C. Fessenden, Stamford, Conn.

112,437.—Stove Leg.—Amon L. Finch, Sing Sing, N. Y.

112,438.—Pump Piston.—John S. Follansbee and George Doolittle (assignors to the Forrester Manufacturing Company), Bridgeport, Conn.

112,439.—Shoe.—Samuel W. Francis (assignor to himself and W. H. Newton), Newport, R. I.

112,440.—Guard-Finger for Harvesters.—George Fyfe and Chester Hard, Ottawa, Ill.

112,441.—Dining Table.—S. R. Gardner (assignor to himself and S. M. Marquette), Independence, Iowa.

112,442.—Step Ladder.—M. Boland Geary, New York City.

112,443.—Oilcloth Printing Machinery.—Ebenezer A. Goodes (assignor to Philadelphia Patent and Novelty Company), Philadelphia, Pa.

112,444.—Tenoning Machine.—Lyman Gould, Norwich, Conn.

112,445.—Printer's Case.—Wm. H. A. Gresham, Atlanta, Ga.

112,446.—Lamp Chimney.—Geo. W. Griswold, Factoryville, Pa.

112,447.—Grain Separator.—Philander Griswold, Hudson, Mich.

112,448.—Clamp for Thill Couplings.—John W. Guider (assignor to himself and John Kiefer), St. Joseph, Mo.

112,449.—Bird Cage.—Gottlob Gunther, New York city.

112,450.—Stop Cock and Valve.—William Haas, New York city.

112,451.—Valve for Steam Engines.—Joseph L. Harley, Baltimore, Md., and Xaver Fendrich, Georgetown, D. C.

112,452.—Metallic Hub.—John H. Harper, Pittsburgh, Pa.

112,453.—Composition for Lubricating Machinery.—E. Q. Henderson (assignor to John C. Burroughs and Richard A. Springs) Charlotte, N. C.

112,454.—Post-hole Digger.—Bryant B. Herrick, Decatur, Mich.

112,455.—Door Check.—Levi S. Hicks (assignor to himself, J. Perrin Johnson, and John Buell), Peoria, Ill.

112,456.—Railway-car Brake.—Luther Hill, Stoneham, and Seth D. Tripp, Lynn, Mass.

112,457.—Truss.—Adam Hinoult, Montgomery, N. Y.

112,458.—Feed Bag for Horses.—Walter A. Hough, South Butler, N. Y.

112,459.—Shade Holder for Lamps—Mark W. House, Cleveland, Ohio.

112,460.—Lamp Chimney.—Mark Wiggins House (assignor to the Cleveland Non-Explosive Lamp Company), Cleveland, Ohio. Antedated March 1, 1871.

112,461.—Horse Hay Rake.—James Howard and E. T. Bousfield, Bedford, England.

112,462.—Tongs for Rolling Barrels.—Mark W. Ingle, Indianapolis, Ind.

112,463.—Pitman.—George W. Jayson, Lodi, Ohio.

112,464.—Paste for Paper Hangings.—John Jones (assignor to himself and Henry A. Smith), New York city.

112,465.—Twine Holder.—Edward M. Judd, New Haven, Ct.

112,466.—Clothes Pin or Clasp.—Amos L. Keeports and William Yount, Littletown, Pa.

112,467.—Putting up Hams.—Samuel Edward Kelly, Philadelphia, Pa.

112,468.—Limn Kiln.—Thomas A. Kirk, Kansas City, Mo.

112,469.—Fastening for Seats for Wagons or Sleighs.—John G. Knapp and John F. Robertson (assignors of one third their right to James H. Holly), Warwick, N. Y.

112,470.—Potato Planter.—George Knowlton (assignor for one-half his right to N. Haynes), Johnstown, Pa.

112,471.—Revolving Firearm.—Edwin S. Leaycroft, Brooklyn, N. Y., assignor by mesne assignment, to "Colt's Patent Firearms Manufacturing Company," Hartford, Conn.

112,472.—Revolving Firearm.—Edwin S. Leaycroft, Brooklyn, N. Y., assignor, by mesne assignment, to "Colt's Patent Firearms Manufacturing Company," Hartford, Conn.

112,473.—Railroad Cattle-Guard Gate.—J. H. Mallory, La Porte, Ind.

112,474.—Back-reflecting Mirror.—Richard Mason (assignor to himself and Matthew Ely), Newark, N. J.

112,475.—Ventilator and Chimney Top.—James McGowan (assignor to himself and Daniel H. Waring), New York city.

112,476.—Apparatus for Rectifying and Refining Spirits.—Frederick Measey (assignor to himself and Henry D. Fling), Philadelphia, Pa.

112,477.—Tin Can.—John F. Merrill (assignor to himself and Alexander Stewart), Cincinnati, Ohio.

112,478.—Take-up Mechanism for Looms.—John Michna and Joseph Fischer, New York city.

112,479.—Combined Baker and Broiler.—Wm. H. Miller, Brandenburg, Ky.

112,480.—Shuttle for Sewing Machines.—James D. Moore, Grinnell, Iowa.

112,481.—Cotton Chopper and Grain Cultivator.—Daniel Mosely, Osark, Arkansas.

112,482.—Sad and Fluting Iron.—Frederick Myers, New York city.

112,483.—Reed for Organs and Melodeons.—Augustus Newell, Chicago, Ill.

112,484.—Straw Cutter.—Amon Park, Germanville, Iowa.

112,485.—Apparatus for Aging Whisky and Other Spirits.—Josiah Peiffer and Samuel Richards, Valonia, Pa.

112,486.—Combined Cotton and Corn Planter.—Louis A. Perrault (assignor to himself and Joseph Huber), Natchez, Miss.

112,487.—Faucet.—Solomon Pfleger, Reading, assignor to himself and J. S. Pfleger, Tamaqua, Pa.

112,488.—Treadle.—George K. Proctor, Salem, Mass.

112,489.—Lubricating Compound.—Victory Purdy, Poughkeepsie, N. Y.

112,490.—Fertilizer and Seeding Machine.—Archibald Putnam (assignor to Elizabeth Putnam), Owego, N. Y.

112,491.—Rotary Pump.—George W. Putnam, South Glens Falls, N. Y.

112,492.—Hat Brush.—Robert Dunbar Radcliffe, Palmyra, N. Y.

112,493.—Refrigerating Show Case.—Thomas L. Rankin, Lyndon, Kansas, assignor to himself and D. W. Rockwell, Elyria, Ohio.

112,494.—Device for Starting and Stopping Cars.—Philip Rhoads, Carlisle, Pa.

112,495.—Pipe-molding Machine.—George Richardson, Milwaukee, Wis.

112,496.—Sulky Cultivator.—Richard B. Robbins, Adrian, Mich.

112,497.—Hand Plow.—Nelson Rue, Harrodsburg, Ky.

112,498.—Mechanical Movement.—Edward G. Russell, Ravenna, Ohio.

112,499.—Railway Car Brake.—Lyman Alphonzo Russell, Shrewsbury, Vt.

112,500.—Stovepipe Cleaner.—David Sanford, Ashton, Ill.

112,501.—Twine Holder.—Joseph B. Sargent and Purmont Bradford (assignors to Sargent & Co.), New Haven, Conn.

112,502.—Dovetailing Machine.—James M. Seymour, Newark, N. J.

112,503.—Wooden Pavement.—Eaton Shaw, Portland, Me.

112,504.—Guard for Circular Saws.—George W. Shipman, Ischua, N. Y.

112,505.—Breech-loading Firearm.—Dexter Smith and Martin J. Chamberlin, Springfield, Mass.

112,506.—Spark Arrester.—James Smith, Altoona, Pa.

112,507.—Horse Hay Rake.—Solomon P. Smith, Waterford, N. Y.

112,508.—Plow.—S. M. Stewart, New Harrisburg, Ohio.

112,509.—Medical Compound for Treating Fever and Ague.—George E. Swan, Mount Vernon, Ohio.

112,510.—Device for Cooling Journals of Car Axles.—Henry G. Thompson, Milford, Conn.

112,511.—Cooling Journal of Car Axles.—Henry G. Thompson, Milford, Conn.

112,512.—Cooling Journal of Car-wheel Axles.—Henry G. Thompson, Milford, Conn.

112,513.—Device for Cooling Journals of Railway Cars.—Henry G. Thompson, Milford, Conn.

112,514.—Non-heating Handle for Sad Irons, etc.—William H. Towers, Boston, Mass.

112,515.—Lubricator.—John Erst Uhl, Renovo, Pa.

112,516.—Combined Corn Planter and Cultivator.—Franklin Underwood, South Rutland, N. Y.

112,517.—King Bolt.—Wendel Vondersaar, Indianapolis, Ind.

112,518.—Wheat Roaster.—George W. Waitt (assignor to himself and Robert B. Fitts), Philadelphia, Pa.

112,519.—Plaster Sower.—Thomas J. West, Alfred Center, N. Y.

112,520.—Ticket Holder.—Henry Wexel, Providence, R. I.

112,521.—Tobacco Press.—Abraham N. Zell, Lancaster, Pa.

112,522.—Combined Bag Holder and Scales.—William Zimmerman, Lebanon, Pa. Antedated February 25, 1871.

112,523.—Breech-loading Firearm.—James M. Mason, Washington, D. C.

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