Combined trunk and rocking chair

28 Nov 2023

Scientific American, Volume XXIV., No. 12, March 18, 1871 by Various, is part of the HackerNoon Books Series. You can jump to any chapter in this book here. Combined trunk and rocking chair.



A unique invention, calculated to increase the comforts of travellers on steamboats, ships, and in crowded rooms of hotels, is illustrated in the engraving published herewith. It is the invention of T. Nye, of Westbrook, Me., and was patented by him, June 18, 1867. It is a combined trunk and rocking chair. The rockers are made to fold into recesses, where they are retained by suitable appliances till wanted. The trunk being opened, as shown, forms a back to the seat, which is held by metallic braces. When closed, the whole presents the appearance of an ordinary trunk.

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