Kiyosaki Sits Down With Kinesis To Discuss ‘The Evolution of Money’

13 May 2024

**LONDON, United Kingdom, May 13th, 2024/Chainwire/--**Robert Kiyosaki, the renowned businessman and best-selling author of the educational series, ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’, joins Andrew Maguire, on this week’s episode of Live from the Vault. This week, a precious metals commentary show hosted by the renowned London whistleblower takes viewers through the current economic landscape and explains how everyone can take steps to preserve their wealth.

“I save gold and silver. I don’t save dollars.” Kiyosaki speaks on how everyday people are accustomed to spending and saving in centralised, bank-issued fiat currency, commonly referred to as ‘paper money’.

“My mom and dad had no idea,” says Kiyosaki. The everyday person can’t necessarily see the difference between “real money and fake money”.

He continues, “... they hung on to paper again, their college degrees... People have been conditioned and programmed to take paper instead of the real stuff, which violates Gresham's law.”

Gresham's law states that when ‘bad money’ enters a system, people hold onto ‘good money’, which sees valuable assets like gold and silver, exit the system.

Kiyosaki explains how paper assets, such as Dollars, Pounds or Yen are subject to large-scale currency devaluation due to central bank money printing. He contrasts saving in fiat and paper assets with the ownership of hard assets, such as real estate and precious metals.

Kiyosaki comments, “I save gold and silver. I don’t save dollars”, an approach he has taken since his time as an army pilot in Vietnam, which coincided with Nixon’s closing of the gold window in 1971.

BRICS Central Bank Gold Demand

Discussing the BRICS nations, Kiyosaki highlights a growing division between the East and the West, with Eastern nations like Russia and China accumulating gold to create a currency backed by the precious metal.

The Evolution of Money

The conversation concludes with an evaluation of the Kinesis ecosystem; a sustainable and fair monetary alternative, that has already proven its potential in helping users globally counter the impact of a fiat-based economy. Kinesis’ gold and silver-based currencies, KAU and KAG are backed by fully allocated, fully audited gold and silver, which is made universally spendable by card, through leveraging blockchain technology.

Kiyosaki voices his enthusiasm about Kinesis’ capacity to easily allocate a portfolio between gold and silver, spend on a debit card - and get paid every month through Kinesis’ innovative yields system. He calls Kinesis a game-changer, deeming it “the evolution of money”.

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About Kinesis Money

Kinesis is an end-to-end monetary system based 1:1 on physical gold and silver. Founded in 2017, Kinesis formed a strategic partnership with Allocated Bullion Exchange with institutional metals exchange trading globally for over a decade.

With $10B traded since 2021, Kinesis has driven rapid expansion on a global scale, amassing a client base across 150+ countries.

Through robust vaulting infrastructure and innovative financial technology, Kinesis reintroduces gold and silver as money. The platform enables citizens worldwide to protect their wealth outside of the volatility of the traditional banking system.


Zubair Bukhari

Kinesis Money

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