Meet Octopus Network: HackerNoon Company of the Week

1 Jul 2024

Welcome to another Company of the Week feature! Every week, we feature an awesome tech brand from our tech company database, making their evergreen mark on the internet. This unique HackerNoon database ranks S&P 500 companies and top startups of the year alike.

This week, we’re proud to presentOctopus Network, an innovative multi-chain Web3 infrastructure that empowers the development and operation of application-specific blockchains, known as "appchains". It utilizes trust-minimal blockchain interoperability as its core technology, promoting the mass adoption of Web3 applications by offering affordable, scalable, and customized appchain solutions.

Meet Octopus Network: #FunFact

Did you know that in January 2024, Octopus Network Founder, Louis Liu, launched Omnity, a fully decentralized cross-chain world? Here’s what he had to say about the project:

We hope that Bitcoin will be the settlement layer for the world economy because it is a common good. No one can control Bitcoin. It's an impartial and non-abusable settlement layer(...) Similarly, Omnity is an ‘unopinionated infrastructure.’ We don't care what type of blockchain it is. We care about what our users are willing to use. If it can bring some utility, entertainment, or profit to Bitcoin asset holders, Omnity will direct Bitcoin assets to that blockchain.

Octopus Network <> HackerNoon Tech Community

Octopus Network has sponsored the Web3 Writing Contest on HackerNoon, that generated 439 stories during the contest with almost half a million reads and more than three months of reading time! See the finalists' stories and winners' announcements here.

Octopus Network has published 5 stories via the HackerNoon Business Blogging Program and 2 PR via the HackerNoon Technology Press Release Program, generating over 2 months of reading time so far! Here are our top 3 favorite stories by Octopus Network:

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