Wanderers: From Digital Collectibles to a Thriving Web3 Gaming Universe

16 May 2024

New York, NY, May 2024 - Buckle up, spacefarers! A revolutionary gaming experience is about to launch from the minds of WanderLabs, a visionary Web3 startup at the forefront of the next gaming revolution.

Building on its unique position within the immersive entertainment sector, Wanderers is setting a new standard with its story-driven, rogue-lite PC game, developed in collaboration with Animoca Brands Blowfish Studios, set for release in early 2024 and available now for wishlist on EpicGames,

Originating from the visionary minds of Nick Greenawalt and Jenna Greenfield, Wanderers has rapidly transformed from a pioneering digital collectible brand to a comprehensive science fiction gaming universe and platform built on web3. This transition underscores the power of web3 technology, fueling the platform's growth and innovation.

Wanderers initially captured the market's attention in 2021 with its first animated NFT collection, generating $5M in revenue with an additional $20M spent by fans in secondary trading volume. WanderLabs was launched in 2022 to build the brand, platform, and gaming ecosystem raising $2M from Animoca Brands, the industry leader in Web3 gaming and tokenomics.

Evolving beyond static JPG files, the brand's digital collectibles now play an integral role in its debut game. Greenfield states, “We were born out of web3; we started with a community from NFTs, but it can be so much more. And I think we're pioneering a whole new path that there is no playbook.”

These collectibles, including Wandernauts, Planets, RAM, and more, unlock new dimensions of gameplay, allowing players to customize avatars, landscapes, spaceships, and utilities. RAM holders gained exclusive early access to the game's closed beta, which is now live.

In the realm of gaming, Wanderers presents an epic narrative-driven adventure enriched with card collection and strategic deck building. Players are invited to "Suit up, strap in, and soar off" on an interstellar journey through a vast science fiction universe. This dynamic arena demands survival skills, teamwork, combat prowess, and a keen interest in discovering long-lost secrets.

Incorporating minigames and the innovative use of digital wallets for exclusive access, Wanderers seamlessly blends traditional gaming with Web3 components, offering an unparalleled gaming experience.

A New Era of Gaming: The Wanderer's Codex

The introduction of the Wanderer's Codex, a dynamic Web3 platform, adds more dimensions to the Wanderer’s ecosystem. This platform facilitates cross-platform experiences and digital identities, providing an evolving utility and reward system for the community. It acts as a bridge between the game and digital collectibles, offering quests, trading cards, and leaderboards to enhance the gaming experience.

Greenawalt and Greenfield have both highlighted the importance of community and the innovative use of Web3 to enrich the gaming experience, which is embodied in the Codex.

Greenawalt emphasizes the unique aspects of ownership and interaction that Web3 enables, "The reason why we are participating in this space is because there are so many interesting elements of ownership and especially this on-chain history that, essentially, is a source of truth." This approach to gaming, where every digital item and interaction has a verifiable history and ownership, is fundamental to the Wanderer's Codex. For example, Greenawalt emphasizes that errors or mistakes made by developers on the backend can be turned into “deeper lore for our community and fans to play around with and become excited to create another unique layer of immersion.”

It enables a level of player engagement and investment that goes beyond traditional gaming platforms.

Greenfield speaks to the broader vision of creating a universe that resonates on a global scale, which the Codex helps facilitate: "What excites me the most about this is the potential we have on a global scale. The technology and cultural movement is borderless.”

The Wanderer's Codex is a manifestation of this vision, allowing players from around the world to participate in a shared universe, contributing to and benefiting from the community through quests, trades, and competitions.

Partnerships and Visionaries

Wanderers isn't flying solo. Strategic partnerships with industry titans like Animoca Brands, Polygon, and OpenSea ensure the project has the resources and expertise to reach its full potential. Even veterans like Jamie King, co-founder of Rockstar Games, are lending their talents to help shape the strategy and vision.

Wanderers isn't just a game; it's a groundbreaking vision for the future of gaming. Join the community, explore the universe, and be a part of something truly revolutionary. Suit up, strap in, and prepare to soar off on an interstellar journey unlike any other!

Find out more at www.wanderers.ai

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